About Us

Live each day with accountability and self-control. Consciously work towards your goals instead of living life day-to-day, crisis-to-crisis.

Carroll WilliamsIt is natural to want more from your life. You may want more success, more money, closer relationships, and/or a deeper meaning in life. While it is admirable to strive for more, you don't have to struggle to get there.

It has been said that "hard work and doing it on your own" are the keys to a successful life, and attaining money and happiness. Many believe that there is a price to pay to get what you want. This price can be poor health, unbearable stress, strained relationships, and/or lessened productivity. The unfortunate consequence of hanging on to this belief is that it hinders focus on individual goals, and leads you further from your intentions.

Carroll WilliamsThe Victory Coach by Golden Eagle Mediation Group Inc. is a licensed corporation, established in the State of Florida. For the last 15 years, we have been helping individuals, businesses, families, and athletic programs develop confidence, team building, and winning attitudes.

The Victory Coach challenges individuals, businesses, athletic programs, and families to take control of their lives. Together, we will determine what you want most in life and make those dreams a reality!